PR Checklist

  • dendron discord: where you can go for help and talk to other contributors

first time pull request

  • if its your first pull request to Dendron, watch out for the CLA bot that will ask you to agree to Dendron's CLA
  • if its your first pull request and you're on our Discord, make sure that Kevin gives you the horticulturalist role by adding your discord as part of the description πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ
  • (optional) ping @Dendron Team in the #dev channel of our discord - we usually respond to PRs within 24h


  • make sure the commit message follows Dendron's commit style
  • make sure the commit message is in front of the pull request
  • make sure your branch names adhere to our branch style
  • if this pull request is addressing an existing issue, make sure to link this PR to the issue that it is resolving.


  • if your change reflects documentation changes, also submit a PR to dendron-site and mention the doc PR link in your current PR



  • can this be simplified?
  • does a similar function already exist in the codebase? if so, why can't it be reused?


  • does this change adversely impact performance?



  • if you are adding analytics related changes, make sure the Telemetry docs are updated

area specific


If you are introducing CSS changes, please confirm that

  • display is correct for following dimensions
    • sm: screen β‰₯ 576px, eg. iphonex, (375x812)
    • lg: screen β‰₯ 992px
    • xxl: screen β‰₯ 1600px eg. mac (1600x900)
  • display is correct for following browsers (across the various dimensions)
    • safari
    • firefox
    • chrome