This goes over all packages in the dendron monorepo

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User Facing

Dendron Plugin

This is the Dendron extension that is installed in VSCode

Dendron CLI

The Dendron CLI exposes Dendron's functionality via the command line.


Dendron Engine

The engine provides the core of most of Dendron's capabilities. This includes note lookup, markdown parsing, etc

Dendron Agent

The API server is a local express server that runs on the users machine. It can be initialized by the Dendron CLI or the Dendron Plugin.

It is a wrapper around the Dendron Engine.

It is located at `$ROOT/packages/api-server``

It is also called the Dendron Agent.

Dendron Pods

This has Pod (Private) related logic

Web Components

Dendron web components refer to the collection NextJS + React logic that is used for Dendron's frontend clients in VSCode and when publishing.

Dendron Nextjs Template

The Dendron NextJS Template is the foundation of Dendron's frontend. It is built around NextJS and React.



Dendron Next Server

No note with name pkg.dendron-next-server found


Responsible for webviews of dendron plugin core

Ant Design

We use Ant as our main design system in Dendron


These packages are shared dependencies

Dendron Common All

Types and utilities used in both web and node environments.

Dendron Common Server

Utilities for nodejs environment

Dendron Common Frontend

Shared frontend logic

Common Assets

This packages hold assets for Dendron Views. During the build step, assets from this package are concatenated and copied into NextJS Template and Dendron Plugin Views (TODO: need to refactor logic from dendron-plugin-views, currently assets are being built separately there).

  • NOTE: we are currently moving away from dendron-next-server and transferring all css and assets from it to common-assets
    • last updated: 2021-11-18


  1. Schema
  2. API Publish
  3. Common All
  4. Common Assets
  5. Common Frontend
  6. Common Server
  7. Common Test Utils
  8. Dendron API Server
  9. Dendron CLI
  10. Dendron Common Frontend
  11. Dendron Engine
  12. Dendron Markdown Links
  13. Dendron Plugin Views
  14. Pod
  15. Engine Test Utils
  16. Markdown Links
  17. NextJS Template
  18. Plugin Core
  19. Pods Core
  20. Template Publish GitHub Action