You can test the Dendron Next App by launching a workspace using the CLI and then connecting to it. The instructions below cover using dendron/test-workspace.

  1. Add to dev config of $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/test-workspace/dendron.yml
      engineServerPort: 3005
      nextServerUrl: http://localhost:3000
  2. Initialize test-workspace
    cd $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/test-workspace && ./scripts/
  3. In a separate terminal, start the Next Server
    cd $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/packages/dendron-next-server && yarn dev
  4. (optional) To connect to the workspace using chrome, enter the following in your localhost (replace WORKSPACE and PORT with your own values)
    # for example, if you launched the engine at /user/adam/workspace, WORKSPACE should equal /user/adam/workspace
  5. To test the UI with the plugin, see instructions to run the extension (Private). When running, make sure to use test-workspace to access the UI

Next Steps:

  • read the architecture documents to understand how the next server fits in with other Dendron plugins and how to build on top of it

PR Checklist

  • see Review
  • make sure your UI is compatible with light/dark theme


Conflicting Views

  • if you have conflicting views warning when debugging, its most likely because you've installed Dendron in the same version of VSCode that you are developing on. We highly recommend you keep two instances of VSCode and not install Dendron on the version you use for development


Creating new Async Thunk Method

Adding a new tree view

Adding a new web view

The following goes over an example of implementing the ShowPreviewV2 command

  1. Remote Development