Watching for files

There are if you want to watch for files being created/deleted/updated, but either you are not in the plugin or the files you are trying to watch are not in the workspace. Otherwise you can use VSCode's built-in file watcher.


This is a generic file watcher that uses chokidar to watch for files being created, updated, or deleted. The watcher is recursive, so it will watch for files within subfolders too. This will not watch for any files/folders starting with . (hidden files/folders on UNIX), as well as anything inside .git, node_modules, and similar folders that shouldn't contain any files relevant to Dendron.

The watchers must be disposed once you don't want to watch for stuff anymore. Creating a watcher will create a disposable that you can use with DendronExtension.addDisposable if you are in the plugin, otherwise you must call the dispose function yourself.


This is a specialized form of EngineFileWatcher that only watches for files being added. It further restricts the file watcher to only recurse down 3 folders deep. This limit is primarily to match the limit in native workspace initialization, feel free to increase the limit if needed for another reason.