How styling is done in Dendron


Docs for asset generation are here:

Asset for nextjs-template come from following places:

- [[Common Assets|dendron://]]
    - antd themes
    - prism themes
    - katex themes
- nextjs-template/styles
    - everything else

Docs for Dendron Plugin Views here:

- [[Build Styles|dendron://]]

NOTE: there are currently 3 sources of truth for styles.

For nextjs-template (the website), styles come from:

- `nextjs-template/styles`
- `common-assets`

From dendron-plugin-views (the prevew), styles come fron

- `dendron-next-server`

dendron-next-server has duplicate style sheets for antd, prism, etc. This is a legacy package we are currently deprecating

The future architecture will be:

  • common-assets for everything
  • web/preview specific styles in their respective packagse

Practicaly speaking, it means you need to do scroll bar changes in two places: