3 Standalone Vaults


Make it possibel to use Dendron outside of a workspace using standalone vaults.


Currently Dendron requires a dendron.code-workspace file and to be in an active VSCode Workspace to work. This is cumbersome for a few reasons:

  • it requires that a user be in an active vscode workspace
  • it doesn't let you use Dendron in an existing VSCode project (eg. editing docs folder inside a code workspace)

See this issue for more details.


Standalone Vaults will make it possible for Dendron to work outside of a workspace.

Vaults will be initialized with their own config file like the one below

- vault/
    - dendron.vault.yml

This file will be similar to dendron.yml (Private) but with vault specific properties which are listed below

  • notes: string
    • specify where to look for notes
    • by default, this will be . which stands for all files in this directory
    • you can add multiple rules and standard globbing rules will apply
  • vault:
    • this is similar to the vault property (Private) of dendron.yml
    • when a standalone vault is included in a dendron workspace, the vault properties in dendron.vault.yml will be merged and take precedence
    • no fsPath property
- docs/
    - dendron.vault.yml
    - README.md
    - notes/
    - assets/