Remove a Command



Remove constant key

  1. Remove command from constants file (Private)
  2. Update the plugin config

    1. Open the command prompt, enter Run Task, and run gen:config
      • this will add the command to package.json

Remove command

  1. Remove tests for the given command
  2. Remove any command related configuration
  3. Remove from ../packages/plugin-core/src/commands/index.ts (Private)
  4. Remove all references of the command
    • Run "Find all References" from the command and take care of any occurences
    • TIP: sometimes, the typescript compiler doesn't catch everything - you can run an search with Match Whole Word on the command name to truly find all occurences
  5. Delete the command
  6. Update metrics if you've ended up removing metrics this way
  7. Apply steps from Stale TypeScript Files