Common Issues

Missing {name} dependency

Sometimes we will add new dependencies to master. In order to pick them up, run the following from the workspace root.

yarn bootstrap:bootstrap

Relative import to an inter-workspace dependency

Because Dendron is setup as a yarn Workspace, inter-workspace dependencies are all hoisted to the root.

└── dendron
    ├── packages
    │   ├── A/
    │   ├── B/
    │   └── ...
    └── node_modules

This is to de-duplicate packages during development. When publishing to npm, every package will have its own node_modules folder. The consequence of this setup is that it is possible for package A to have a relative dependency on package B. While valid during development, this would fail when published.

What's worse is that VSCode intellisense will often autocomplete with the relative import

// bad
import { createLogger } from "../../A/lib";

// good
import { createLogger } from "A";

To fix this, convert instances of the bad example to the good one.

Common Fixes

Remove the lib folder

After a major refactor, you might need to clean out the lib folder. For Dendron Plugin, this would be the out folder.