Common mistakes


Getting absolute path for a vault

Dendron has many vault types (Private) which means that getting the path to the vault is not as simple as path.join(wsRoot, vault.fsPath). To get the path of the vault relative to wsRoot, use the following:

// Path of vault relative to workspace root
path.join(wsRoot, VaultUtils.getRelPath(vault))

Documentation in the workspace

  • When debugging the development version of Dendron, opening a new workspace in the development version may cause an error message.
    • If that happens, stop debugging and restart.
  • The development version can't open the same workspace as one that you have already open.
    • If you have to open that workspace, either close the other instance or make a copy of it and test on the copy.
  • If you are on an older VSCode version, this may not work correctly.
    • Make sure you are on the latest VSCode version.