Dev Env


How to setup your developer environment for Dendron


Download VSCode

  • while its possible to use other editors, we strongly recommend that you use VSCode for the built-in integration and access to dendron docs within the workspace

Install Dependencies

Before you begin, you need to make sure to have the following SDKs and tools:

  • Node.js >= 14
  • yarn
    • npm install -g yarn
  • lerna
    • npm install -g lerna
  • vscode or vscodium
    • while this is not required, it's highly recommended as the Dendron repo comes with documentation that is managed using Dendron

Setup Dendron

  • NOTE: this is optional and only applicable if you're using VSCode

  • Download Dendron by following instructions here

  • After you have gone through the tutorial, proceed, to next steps

  • When you clone the repo, developer docs will be available inside of your repo workspace

Setup ESLint

All packages in the repo use a standard base configuration found at .eslintrc.js.

If you are using vscode, download and enable the eslint extension. If you are using another editor, make sure you have eslint enabled.