36 Pods V2


  1. Making pods easier to use
  2. Making pods more flexible to use
  3. Making pods easier to extend


The proposal here covers a lot of ground. We should break it down into phases.


  1. Instead of having both a "Export Pod" and a "Publish Pod", only have an Export Pod
    • refactor existing commands
      • Export Pod -> Export
      • Publish Pod -> Export One
  2. Introduce the equivalent of a Export One to Import
    • refactor existing command:
      • Import Pod -> Import
    • introduce new command:
      • Import One
  3. Introduce a new pod command: From Clipboard
    • Export From Clipboard
    • Import From Clipboard
    • options to support:
      • splitLine: should we consider each line as its own record? default, false
    • example use case:
      • export a selection of task notes to airtable
      • import a part of google doc
  4. Support pod destination
    • Import:
      • New Note
      • Clipboard
    • Export:
      • New Entry
      • Clipboard
  5. Extend pod capabilities
    • all pods should have the ability to handle merge conflicts
      • on import, merge would update local note
      • on export, merge would update remote source
    • all pods should have the ability to specify field mappings
      • on import, map fields from the source to fields in the note
      • on export, map fields from note to export destination
      • fields from the note includes anything in the note frontmatter as well as sections within notes
        • in the future, we can also include backlinks
  6. Support interactive mode
    • should be a toggle on the quickpick
    • if interactive, instead of reading src/dest from config, prompt user for this
    • eg. orbit import pod, when importing interactively, user enters a username
  7. Introduce a webview to configure pods
    • users can use a form widget with live validation instead of YAML
  8. Support pod profiles
    • users have different targets for the same pods (eg. publish a task note to airtable task table but publish a user note to airtable user table)
    • pod configuration should support custom profiles
    • should be supported in webview
  9. support custom pod plugins
    • a user should be able to contribute their own pods


  • instead of having a unique Export/Import command for different use cases, just have a single command wiith different flags and modifiers