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We generated markdown docs from code annotations using typedoc.

NOTE: do to some typescript issues, we don't currently have all docs generated. Docs are currently only available for the following packages:



This will pull the latest docs from S3

- > NOTE: this might to be reflective of the actual latest notes
make docs-pull
# this pulls down `generated-api-docs` from S3 and puts it inside the `docs` folder

NOTE: these instructions will make generated docs work inside of the dendron monorepo. If you have the dendorn.docs vault checked out somewhere else, you will need to put the genereated-api-docs

ln -s docs/generated-api-docs ../../workspaces/org-workspace/generated-api-docs

Update from code changes

make docs-build

# optional: this will sync changes in S3 (NOTE: you'll need the `aws-s3-bot` creds in order to run this action)
make docs-push 

Linking to docs is currently done with markdown links (we're working on moving them to dendron.topic.links.file-link (Private) but this is pending some feature work)

Example of linking to generated docs:


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