Test Workspace


The test workspace is included with the Dendron repo and is used for manual testing of new features


  1. Run the development version of Dendron by following the steps here
  2. Run > Change Workspace and change to the path of the test workspace
  • this should be $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/test-workspace
  • NOTE: when you initially change to this workspace, you'll need to restart the debugger or VSCode will complain about multiple instances of Dendron. The next time you start the debugger, VSCode will remember the last workspace you've used so you can skip this step



  1. Launch engine server
    cd $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/test-workspace && ./scripts/dev.sh
  2. Run Change Workspace (Private) and change into $DENDRON_REPO_ROOT/test-workspace


Use with regular workspace

Comment the following lines in test-workspace/dendron.yml to launch it without the CLI engine server

  # nextServerUrl: 'http://localhost:3000'
  # engineServerPort: 3005

Testing Dendron in non-note files

There's a folder named other-files in the test workspace which contains files that are not notes. This includes markdown files that are not Dendron notes, and code files. If you are working on a feature that may affect non-note files, make sure to test it with these files.