Close Loop


This page covers procedures for closing the loop - in other words, additional things to do after a code change has been released.

After a release has shipped

  1. For any features with open issues, communicate that the feature is shipped by posting the following message in the issue
    This issue has been addressed in v{VERSION_NUM} release of Dendron. please post here if not, otherwise this issue will auto close in 4 days.
  2. Add the info-needed tag to the issue which will auto-close the issue if there are no further comments
  3. Add the issue url to Weekly recurring (Private) to check in 3 days
    • NOTE: sometimes users will add a note along the lines of "thanks for closing". if they do, close the issue right away
  4. If there is legitimate followup, add new issue in github to track followup

For Breaking Changes or Larger Structural Changes / Refactors

  1. Make any relevant changes in the Dendron Docs vault
  2. Announce the changes in the Discord dev channel.

Some examples may include

  • Changing commonly used interfaces
  • Adding a new package that requires devs to re-run yarn bootstrap:bootstrap

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