Dendron Plugin Quickstart


See setting up your development environment before proceeding

Before you begin, you need to make sure to have the following SDKs and tools:

  • Node.js >= 14
  • yarn
    • npm install -g yarn
  • lerna
    • npm install -g lerna
  • vscode or vscodium
    • while this is not required, it's highly recommended as the Dendron repo comes with documentation that is managed using Dendron

../packages/engine-server/src/markdown/utilsv5.ts (Private)

Setup Repo

  1. Clone repo

    git clone
    cd dendron
  2. Install dependencies

    echo "install workspace dependencies..."
    echo "install package dependencies..."
    yarn setup
    echo "done"

  3. Watch all dependencies

  • NOTE: typescript is a compiled language which means that the executable won't be updated unless you compile. The watch script will auto-compile all code on change
# watch all dependencies

  1. Open the workspace by opening dendron-main.code-workspace with VSode. While its not required to use VSCode, most of the helper scripts in this repository are created with VSCode in mind so using it will make development significantly easier.

  2. Run the plugin

Running Local Dendron Extension via Launch Task from source

To start an instance of the Dendron with debugging capabilities, Run Extension: Local (plugin-core) from the debug panel in vscode


Note: Running via Run -> Start Debugging will not work unless you've previously targeted Extension: Local (plugin-core)

Note: To have the changes reflected as you edit the code you need to run the ./bootstrap/scripts/ and restart the Extension: Local (plugin-core))


Changes aren't showing up

  1. Typescript is a compiled language. Make sure that your code is being compiled. Make sure the following is on:
# watch all dependencies

Next Steps